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Tangem is a card-shaped self-custodial cold With a self-custodial wallet, you are in full control of your private key. The wallet provider does not have access to it and therefore cannot manage your funds. Cold wallets store your keys offline, protecting your assets from hacks. wallet which gives you full control of your private keys. Securely store your SHIB, as well as thousands of other assets.


This Tangem Wallet has no seed phrase option for backup

Meet your SHIB Wallet
powered by Tangem’s technology

  • The industry-leading standard of chip security.

    Your wallet is protected against any invasive and non-invasive attack.

  • Maximum resistance.

    Dust, water and temperature extremes (-25 to 50°C) will not pose a problem.

  • Full protection.

    Your wallet is immune to electromagnetic pulse, electrostatic discharge and X-rays.

  • Unparalleled reliability.

    The cards contain no points of vulnerability or failure-prone elements.

  • Counterfeit protection.

    The app authenticates both the chip and the firmware.

  • Manage your funds on the go.

    All you need is a card and an NFC-enabled phone.

25+ year — replacement warranty

Smart backup

The first seedless hardware wallet. Intelligent backup mechanism — seed phrase is no longer needed. No additional seedphrase available. Read how Tangem Wallet backs up your private keys eliminating the risk of seed exposure.